What We Do

As a company, we provide a timely and well-developed service and repair on site. The on-site repair consists of a review and service of the unit. As a goal with these repairs, we strive for excellence, meaning we will provide the best work possible, and on time service. We challenge the standards and create our own, there is no reason why things should not last, we aim to make them last time and time again.

It’s That Time of The Season To - Start Your Engines

When it comes to firing up your tools for the season, things you have to remember to check is the condition of your oil, the spark plug, and air filter. Once those are looked over you should check the fuel to make sure it is good and the right fuel for the engine type. Last of all do a visual inspection of your equipment to make sure it is safe to run, like no missing pieces or parts. Just remember that we don’t only do an external inspection, but also an internal inspection of the equipment, using a special kind of camera called a bore scope. Give us a call and ask about our start of season promo.

Q: How you sign up for service? A: Heres how...

When getting ready to setup a service, things that would help to have at hand is the make, model, and serial of the equipment. Once you’re ready to give us a call or email us.  All the contact & service information is located under about us and requirements for service. Pricing is constantly updated to the best of our abilities, feel free to find it here.


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